Who we are

Saratech Software pvt. ltd is a development company with a strong team of highly skilled IT experts, catering its global clientele with innovative and cost-effective solutions across different industry verticals. We attribute our transformation from a startup to a renowned service provider to our ability to evolve continuously and drive for excellence. The prime focus of the company is to make products for clients that are easy as well as profitable to them at the threshold level. Before getting swept away in the euphoria, we listed what we believed a good software company needed and measured ourselves on those dimensions:-

what we offer

Good Management Skills

Driven by the zeal of delivering the best product for the client, our team comprise of members who have the in-depth knowledge of their respective fields.
Under a project the whole team comes together as single unit with only one target of bringing out the best result for you.

Good Client Skills

Although we are just a bunch of Indian software developers but are client interaction all over the globe has taught us that we are the citizens of the world, and that impressing the client has no relationship with your ethnicity but your skills.

Exceptional Technical Skills

Our greatest strength was that we were all nerds.With years of experience and never ending battle with code, we feel quite confident that we can “out-nerd” anybody